Hello everybody!

Hi guys!

Well, I know I have no followers currently but hopefully we can make that change. This first post is just in aid of introducing myself. I have wanted to create a blog for so so long after years of continuous YouTube watching and hoarding a little too many products.. 😉

So, my name is Emily and I’m an 18 year old girl living in South West England. I have an addiction with makeup and beauty, fashion and style, lifestyle, lingerie and music. A lot of my time is spent doing photography, and I have studied English Literature. Somehow, I figured that these factors added together have spurred me to create a blog and have a creative output for my opinions. I currently have a part time job at Lush, so have a background knowledge of ingredients and cosmetics, but this is also how I earn my money. One reason I would love to reach out to an audience is to show what I spend my money on, how I do it in a savvy manner, and to show items that are worth it.

Finally, I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when women are supportive of eachother and super helpful! Hopefully this will come across in my blog.

I can’t wait to begin properly posting, and shall be photographing with a Canon 550D.

Thank you, loves!

Emily xo


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