Hello lovelies!

I can honestly say I adore this palette, and I feel as though it is underrated? I’ve had it for quite a while now, so excuse the slight wear and tear, but this is a well loved palette in my makeup collection. It is perfect for a soft smokey look, especially on my green eyes due to the tones, however this palette would be flattering on every eye colour I am sure!

We must mention the packaging to start, as this is what we first see after all! It is great for travelling as it is small enough to fit in to your makeup bag, and also has a hard outer casing so the shadows are protected. It is glam yet simple which is something I love about it, with beautiful gold and pink tones.


But obviously, when looking at a product, it is so not just about packaging, so onto the shades. OH MY GOSH. The shades. I have no words.


So on to the names. Some are pretty risque, as with a lot of Too Faced products, but i personally love that! It just enhances that you’re creating a sultry eye. All the shades are buttery and easy to blend and there is a variety of nudes,pinks and browns, some with slight purple undertones.

  • In The Buff – a creamy,matte, ivory shade. On fair skins and darker skins, I feel like this would be a great base or highlight shade.
  • Satin Sheets – a baby pink tone with gold shimmer. This would be perfect for inner corner and is great at reflecting the light.
  • Birthday Suit – a shimmery, light beige.
  • Fuzzy Handcuffs – a rosey beige. THIS SHADE ALL OVER THE LID IS LIFE. Matte aswell, another perfect base colour.
  • Sugar Walls – slightly darker and more brown in tone than Fuzzy Handcuffs. Another shimmer.
  • Lap Dance – by far one of my favourite shades from the whole palette. A shimmery, taupe shade. Looks very seductive when placed all over the lid.
  • Voulez-Vous – the most purple toned shade from the palette. Perfect for adding definition. Shimmery, however, so careful if you have hooded eyes and apply this to the crease because it may just accentuate it!
  • Garter Belt – another favourite. A matte grey/brown.
  • French Tickler – now this shade I love and hate. In the palette, you can see it is a very dark brown, almost black in some lights, with a gold glitter fleck in it. However, when applied to the eye, it seems to me like this gold fleck gets blended away.

IMG_4921.JPGAll in all, I just love it personally. Gravitate towards it every time I’m off on a night out. I love its simplicity and the fact it is a NUDE palette. No pops of colour here ladies!

I hope you all enjoyed my first post, I just had to spread the love. I will forever be spreading the love for Too Faced also, deffo check out some of their products.

Emily xo






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