I’ve officially been working at Lush a year now and decided to tell you all a bit of information about how I got the job. 


I personally saw that my store was hiring again (I’d already applied once!) and sent in a cover letter that I spent a long time writing. Some people go CRAZY on their cover letters, but I chose to keep mine simple and explain what I love about the company and why id make a great asset to the team. It was one evening that I got the call and invited to a trial shift on a Saturday! Safe to say I was so happy I cried. 


The trial shift is very much you being thrown in to the deep end, as it would be! I got given my apron, and had explained to me a little about what I was going to be doing. The main focus when on a consultation is definitely to demo the products. Open questions are also a must! Not ‘are you alright there?’ !!! 

I officially managed to complete my trial shift, and what won it for me was my demo of a bath bomb and speaking to a group of teenage girls. When me and my manager walked back upstairs, it was announced to me that I’d got the job and was invited to the staff meeting next day!


Lush is all about equality and individuality. You can apply no matter what you look like, which is something I love. Nobody should have to feel like they can’t get a job because of their exterior. Also, all sales assistants get payed the same wage which I think is fantastic, because everybody is doing the same job and that makes it fair and such an amazing place to work. Despite popular belief from some, we don’t get commission from sales, and this means there is no competition in that sense. 


The job is still a job. There’s work to be done, a way to do it, and it can be tiring. It’s a high energy sales assistant job that’s for sure, and you are thinking all the time, from recommending a sound product for somebody to use, running parties and thinking about ingredients. 

I wouldn’t change it for the world, I think it is a great place to work for any age and each day is different and filled with emotions and love! 

Emily xo


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