So, I am currently in the beautiful country that is Croatia

I must admit, what brought me to this country initially was my inner Game Of Thrones nerdy fan girl, discovering parts were filmed in the stunning city of Dubrovnik. I couldn’t resist coming to this country and seeing it for myself. 

 Was only meant to be a 3 hour drive to get here, but instead took a good 5  – result of the busy summer months!!! – but also got a view of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our first stop was to walk the castle walls that ran all around the city. We walked in the burning hot sun to catch these stunning views of the terracotta topped buildings and clear blue waters.      

 My outfit of the day was a stone beige Bardot maxi from featuring a slit at one thigh, which helped a lot in the heat! I was totally inspired by Daenerys in Game Of Thrones – no shame! I paired it with a super cheap but super comfortable pair of Primark sandals, topped with black flowers. 

It took a good hour and a half/2 hours to walk the walls, but there were lots of little cafes and places to sit and rest, along with some interesting little picture points. 

Next stop, the Old Town – featured in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Visually, it is stunning. Adorned with lots of shops selling jewellery, lavender, souvenirs, and of course Game Of Thrones merch, where I also got to sit on the Iron Throne. There is also an array of restaurants to choose from – we picked a particular one called Restaurant Gallus. The food and service were both spectacular,and the waiters spoke very good English which meant very easy ordering.    

Walking around you can find beautiful hidden gems in this city in fact I do not want to ruin it all. Pay attention to little doorways – we found one that led to rocks and a small bar overlooking the ocean!  Wandering this city is a dream. 
Another cute thing I spotted was the fact you can fill water bottles up with spring water from the fountains that live in the old city. I filled mine from the Small Onofrio fountain.   

As with any country and city, it is up to you as the traveller to enrich yourself in its cultures, try new things and EXPLORE. Go off the beaten track, because you never know what you may find.

If you would like to see more blog posts from Croatia, please comment and let me know! I’ll leave some more random shots from my travels in Dubrovnik below. 

Emily xo




  1. So you’re a fan too! If you are staying on, then Split & Klis fortress (Meereen) have other sites from the GOT sets, good luck! I drive through Croatia this summer, best vacation evvvver!!

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