This is a shout out to my ex

Heard he in love with some other chick

Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I’ll admit

Forget that boy, I’m over it

These lyrics are very applicable to my life right now, thanks Little Mix! 

Heartbreak. It’s one of the worst feelings you can feel, in my opinion. It feels like you’re mourning, and that a part of you has died. You wake up each morning dragging yourself out of bed. You log on to Facebook and type in your exes name, just to see if anythings changed. You try and drop them a text, tell them you miss them, anything to get a response. You then carry on your day with a weight on your shoulders, or completely shut off for the day and stay in bed. Sometimes, this feeling lasts months and months on end like a fit of depression. People will tell you ‘get over it’ or ‘move on and find somebody new’, but truth is we all know it is not as easy as that. These people were in our lives and have now vanished,  because of that we are mourning. Our hearts are broken.  This blog post with its distinct lack of images, is going to detail elements of heartbreak and why you’re allowed to feel like you do, and also the steps you can take to cope with heartbreak and get yourself to the strong independent person you were before. 


  • To feel like your world is falling apart. They were your world, we understand. Their friends were your friends, you hung out together in all your favourite places, everything was intertwined. 
  • To feel depressed. This is natural. 
  • To want to stay in bed. That’s the first thing your body wants to do when you feel numb isn’t it? Just stay in bed and hibernate from the world. 
  • To cry. A lot. 
  • To be a little stalker-ish and check up on their social media the first week. It’s hard to go from seeing someone every day to not atall, sometimes you just want to see how they’re getting on. 
  • To distance yourself. Sometimes you need time alone.

Although all these things are totally ok and you are allowed to feel this way, you can’t stay this way forever as it would do nothing for your wellbeing (I know, everybody who is heartbroken hates hearing this because they feel like their world can’t go on.) For the first week, maybe two, these feelings are going to be very apparent so ride with it. You’re allowed to hurt, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If you’ve found yourself being treated poorly and cheated on, you may find your self esteem has also significantly dropped. Don’t panic. You can build it back up I promise! There are a few steps that I have taken during previous heartbreaks to help me become the girl I had always wanted to be, and to recover in the best way possible. 

  1. Exercise and eat well. Join the gym if you must, or even dance classes! Dance classes are great fun, particularly Zumba. They get you in to shape and meeting lovely people. 
  2. Have a bath. Get down to your local Lush and grab some bath bombs, tell the ladies there about your heartbreak and I guarantee they’ll find you a bath bomb to boost that mood and relax you. 
  3. Following from point 2, just have a pamper. Wash your hair. Paint your nails. Glam up. 
  4. Sleep a lot. Get the much needed rest you deserve, it’ll give your mind a break too. 
  5. Give your room a revamp. It’ll get rid of the memories of you and your ex in there. 
  6. Treat yo-self. Yes gawd. Buy yourself nice things and retail therapy is a must. 
  7. Contradictory to point 1, don’t be afraid to comfort eat at least once. 
  8. Lastly, just find who you are again. Sometimes you lose yourself in situations such as heartbreak. So travel, enrich yourself with the world and different activities and have time for YOU. 

Whoever is reading this, just remember that you are your own happiness, and to never let heartbreak take over. Everybody is human, and I believe that everybody has a soul mate. Just because this person wasn’t the one, doesn’t mean there is not someone out there who matches you perfectly. With almost 7 billion people in the world, your perfect match could be anywhere. If you can, use your ex and the heartbreak that came with it as a tool to grow. Don’t dwell on hating them, but try and be civil or have a friendship.

Lastly, if you have ever been cheated on, please don’t feel like you weren’t enough because you are enough. 

I love you all, stay beautiful and happy 

Emily xo



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