Hello everybody, I’m back! So I have been taking time out for myself recently and have become pretty stuck for ideas, but found inspiration from Pinterest to create this DIY wall hanging to display photos. Soon, I will be having a complete revamp of my bedroom which I will also record on a blog post due to my love of interior design.

This wall hanging is perfect to add a natural element to a room but also add a touch of personalisation, which would be great also in uni accommodation as it can be easily hung. All you need to create it is

  • a piece of driftwood/stick/wood of any kind that you find aesthetically pleasing
  • some photos
  • string or twine
  • scissors
  • some blue tac or a wall tack to hang!
  • A hole punch(optional)

I based my hanging from my holiday to Croatia to give that calm/serene/beachy vibe. You could even do all black and white photos if that fit better with your style. I also collected this driftwood from one of the beaches there. I absolutely love the fact it is ‘perfectly imperfect’ and juxtaposes with a more glamorous style with the natural element.

All you do is tie a long piece of string to either end of the stick so you can hang it – I wrapped mine a few times for strength and a rustic aesthetic. Take your photographs and hole punch the top for a space to tie them. Cut off varied lengths of string and thread one through the hole of your image, tying it to the image but also the stick again wrapping a few times and waaa la you are done!

The outcome is a beautiful, rustic, personalised piece of art!

Emily xo




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