Hi guys! So I popped in to my local Primark the other day in the centre of Bristol and picked up a few bits – shoes, nails, jewellery and a dress to be exact. I managed to pick up some bargains, and more Spring-like attire. First we’ll look at the shoes. I picked up this classy, nude, Laboutin-esque heels.. they put me in mind of the ‘So Kate’ and ‘Iriza’ style, if only they had the red bottom! They look very elegant and will be perfect with Spring/Summer dresses in the day and a classy black dress for an evening.

Primark £12.00

Next I pick up a white pair of smaller heels to wear again in the day in Spring/Summer which have an unusual sort of shape in the way they are cut higher on the top of the foot – no toe cleavage!!

Primark £12.00

The final pair of shoes are a pair of fluffy pink sliders which I have been wanting for AGES! I must admit, they wouldn’t usually be my style but when I tried them a few weeks back they were so comfortable I couldn’t resist. They also had them in grey, black, a bright fuchsia pink, and multi-coloured.

Primark £6.00

Next came the nails, I bought three packs. I’ve used their nails before and they lasted about 5 days which was very good considering the length and the price. They’re so cheap so it means you can change up your nails whenever. Insta baddie on a budget. I picked up a classic French, a beautiful silver holographic chrome, and a duck-egg blue pair in the ‘squareletto’ style.


Finally, I picked up a small pack of studs in a similar blue colour to the nails which I am loving, and also a navy blue midi dress. I was hoping to pair the dress with the white heels and a white leather jacket for summer daytime antics.

Dress: Primark £6.00

Earrings: Primark £2.00

Primark Bristol is one of the best I have been to and I would totally recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area. When you hunt around in there, you do actually find some little gems, perfect for a girl on a budget.

Emily xo



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